Rainbow Sangha

Who we are

Rainbow Sangha is an online weekly practice space for those who self-identify as LGBTQIA+ – lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary, gender fluid, bi-gender, gender diverse, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, agender… and more.

As people identifying under this umbrella, we may face challenges and discrimination within ourselves and from the outside. Our wish is to support each other and to acknowledge our own uniqueness and connectedness. 

We co-create a mindful space where we can equally share our pain and our joy, where we don’t need to assess risks of showing who we truly are or edit the queerness of our experience for the perceived benefit of others. We enjoy being joyfully together.

What we do

Within Rainbow Sangha, we have created a space that’s welcoming and open to anyone interested in the practice of mindfulness. Some of us have been practising for years and others are just starting out on their path of practice. We are mindful to explain and explore how we practice so that we all can benefit. 

We meet on Tuesdays from 7-8.30pm GMT / UK time.  Because of Covid we’ve all had to move our shared sittings to zoom which has enabled our sangha to be open to all of us regardless of where we are.  Most of us join with our video enabled but some join only with audio, whatever works best for each person.

Please email us at rainbowsanghauk@gmail.com to find out more and the details of how to join us. 

What we say

It is a very friendly, warm, and supportive community. What amazes me especially is how diverse it is: every part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum seems to be represented, and there is also a wide range of ages and life experiences. This makes the process of dharma sharing incredibly rich.

Mark S, gay, cis-gendered male, age 65 

it is no exaggeration to say Plum Village and this Sangha have transformed my life for the better. It is a great source of comfort, stability and happiness for me.  It is very welcoming, kind and supportive, like a big warm hug –

Jules, cis-gendered lesbian, age 48 

Rainbow Sangha is a place where I feel safe and allows me to be me! We practice deep listening and Dharma sharing, meditation and Thay’s teachings and I feel valued, accepted and loved! I love my new virtual family!!

Julie (she/her)

The welcome, warmth and wisdom of friends from across the spectrum has nourished me to grow in myself and the support and sharing is an inspiration. A simply joyous space.

K8 MacKenzie – she/her

The sangha is a truly welcoming, warm, honest and nurturing space and it’s so beautiful to see friendly diverse faces each week and to share time together.


I really like the fact that the sangha is completely rainbow spectrum Inclusive especially as for TNB people for whom diverse sexuality is also relevant