UK Sangha Renewal (Enthuse)

“Two thousand five hundred years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha proclaimed that the next Buddha will be named Maitreya, the ‘Buddha of Love.’ I think Maitreya Buddha may be a COMMUNITY and not just an individual. A good community is needed to help us resist the unwholesome ways of our time. Mindful living protects us and helps us go in the direction of peace. With the support of friends in the practice, peace has a chance.”
–Thich Nhat Hanh

Community of Interbeing (CoI) invites all UK Sanghas to renew their membership annually in order to continue our beloved Community in the UK. The other benefits of registration include Public Liability Insurance and the promotion on the Plum Village UK Website. By renewing with the CoI  charity, the Sangha commits to the values of the CoI as a charity and the Plum Village practice. 

We invite Sanghas to make a financial contribution to the CoI at the time of annual renewal. We have set out some suggested contributions based on Sangha size. If the suggestions aren’t appropriate for your Sangha, then please make a contribution that speaks to your own Sangha circumstances. The minimum possible contribution for the automated form below is £10 per annum . The form is set to automatically renew your contribution every year.

Please complete and submit the form below to renew the Sangha registration and click the button below to make the payment.

Sangha Renewal

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