Being Peace Centre

Establishing a UK Practice Centre for Mindful Living and healing in challenging times

The Project

""To create an environment where wholesome qualities in each of us can be nourished is one of the most valuable things we can offer to the world today. Through the practice of mindfulness, this will be a place for refuge and inner peace, where the community can live in harmony, where young generations can reconnect with their roots, and where seasoned practitioners can deepen their spiritual practice. Please bring your love and support to this project, for yourself and for future generations.""

Thich Nhat Hanh

Being Peace Practice Centre Appeal

In 1997, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh led a retreat in England. He asked our community to establish a national practice centre in the UK. He also offered the UK community the name ‘Being Peace’ and later presented it in a beautiful calligraphy of this phrase.

We began with small steps; the Being Peace Cottage, and gathered, from what was a small community in those days, many committed supporters. The small flame that was lit by the cottage is now nourishing the larger flame that is our vision for a national practice centre, having been sold to provide around 20% of the funding we need to take further steps towards Thay’s vision becoming a reality.

In 2023, we launch a fundraising appeal for donations and friendly loans. Of the £2m target required to establish the centre, we have already raised £800,000 with deep gratitude to our community.

Alone we are vulnerable, but with brothers and sisters to work with, we can support each other. We cannot go to the ocean as a drop of water—we would evaporate before reaching our destination. But if we become a river, if we go as a Sangha, we are sure to arrive at the ocean

Thich Nhat Hanh


Being Peace Centre will:

Be a place of refuge

Located in the countryside, with good transport links and close enough to urban centres to be able to engage in outreach work. It will offer accommodation, camping, a meditation hall and other indoor and outdoor spaces for retreats and mindful living. The Centre will be surrounded by the natural environment and will have its own ‘Happy Farm'.

Be a central point to connect all Sanghas

Building a sense of community for practitioners to support each other, where Plum Village practice will be ongoing, offered by the resident sangha, visiting monastics, lay Dharma Teachers and long- and short-term volunteers.

Offer a year-round programme

Retreats, courses and quiet space for individuals, couples, families and groups to experience mindfulness together, fostering a deep sense of connection with one another through living and working as a community, and enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in a natural environment

Be the first lay Plum Village centre

Managed by a lay community, with a residential team living on site and practising together. The centre will also serve as a base for developing outreach engagement.


The Plum Village UK charity has raised around £800,000 of the £2m either donated or pledged. We are confident that with the love and generosity of our community we can collectively raise what we need. Based on community strength, the year of fundraising will be an inspiring one with mindful events, monastic tours, fundraising challenges and opportunities for donations.

For more information, please scroll down to look at our FAQs, download the brochure, or contact us for more information.

Ways to Donate

"“In society, much of our suffering comes from feeling disconnected from one another. Being with the Sangha can heal these feelings of isolation and separation. We practice together, share a room together, eat side by side and clean pots together. Just by participating with other practitioners in the daily activities we can experience a tangible feeling of love and acceptance.” "

Thich Nhat Hanh

Generosity (dana) is an essential part of the Buddhist tradition, dating back over 2,500 years.  The practice of giving voluntarily, to show appreciation and gratitude for the teachings of the Buddha, enables us to embrace others with our compassion and love.  Thich Nhat Hanh spent his life serving all living beings, working tirelessly to transform suffering, heal wounds, build communities and foster peace throughout the world. Today, we are fortunate to benefit and learn from his countless generous actions, including his many writings and teachings, deep scholarship and establishment of the worldwide Plum Village community.

By donating to the Being Peace Practice Centre, you can help to continue this much needed work and enable current and future generations to benefit from Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching.  There are many ways to give.

Visit for our online donation page. We welcome any one off or regular donation you feel able to make. We are also able to claim an extra 25p for every pound donated via gift aid if you tick the box.


Donations in this category will be essential to achieve the £2m target, and we seek at least £320,000 in total through donations like this. It will provide the basis for achieving the centre  more quickly, inspire other like-minded people, and provide confidence to property vendors. We are also able to claim an extra 25p for every pound donated via gift aid if you tick the box.

If you would like to explore this option and potentially make a pledge, please contact to discuss with our team.

A friendly loan is an option for supporters who can make a medium to long term contribution but in contrast to a donation, they require their money back in time. Friendly loans are paid back over an agreed period of time utilising the income generated from activities such as courses and retreats. The Being Peace Project has already received a number of significant offers of loans and we know from other Buddhist centres that such loans have helped make significant project possible.

If you would like to explore this option, please contact to discuss with our team.

Our fundraising target from Friendly Loans is £350,000.

We appreciate that not everyone is able to part with a gift during their lifetime but that it becomes possible through making a will. In the case that an individual wishes to make certain gifts in their will, please consider a donation to the Being Peace Practice Centre. A gift like this would contribute to purchase costs and longer term activities such as paying for original purchase costs in the form of loan repayments or paying for improvements or developments of the centre, or even towards bursaries to support access to all.

If you would like to explore this option, please contact to discuss with our team.


We welcome the gift of people’s time through volunteering, providing expertise or offerings such as auction prizes or other types of gifts. Please contact

Thank you

Plum Village UK offers a deep bow of appreciation and gratitude, for every gift, promise or contribution, in whatever form, and whether large or small.

Ways to Fundraise

"Donating by yourself, with friends or your sangha, you can raise money in many ways to support Being Peace Centre."

Fundraise your way

Welcome and thank you for your interest in helping to create a dedicated Plum Village Practice Centre here in the UK. 2023 is the ‘year of fundraising’, and along with the generosity of personal donations, you are invited to join us in raising the funds through events, challenges, personal fundraisers, fundraising with your Sangha or coming along to a Plum Village UK event.

Whether you chose to create your own fundraising event or challenge or join one of our organised events, your involvement and support will be essential. Below you will be offered ideas and tips for getting started with fundraising as well as events which will be taking place.

Please do get in touch via or email if you would like any help or to tell us of your exciting plans. We would love to hear from you.

Online Dharma Dog Show Fundraiser

29th July, 7pm- 8:30pm

How can having a dog as a life-partner inspire and nourish the practice of mindfulness?

Practitioners living with canine companions will share the joys and insights that such a relationship brings in what must be the world’s first dog show that involves no judgement; only appreciation for their many different shapes and sizes, skills and personalities, and the teachings that they offer in compassionate, mindful living.

No dog in the home? You are invited to join us as an audience, for a fun-with-fundraising event, nourishing togetherness and deepening your practice of mindful connection with all beings.

To find out more information, apply and register as an audience click here..



Plum Village UK Walking Events


TOUCHING THE EARTH Throughout July 2023


Walking and appreciating our beautiful planet is a key component of Thay’s teachings.

You can do this challenge on your own or in a group, all mileage counts, you’d be surprised how much your daily dog walk soon mounts up, or even the walk to the shops. You could use a tracking device like strava, the health app, OS Maps or chose to log your mileage however it works for you. Join Ramblers’ Association walks (first few are free), National Trust estate walks or just walk around your town and local park. Every mile is a step towards us being able to bring the value of mindfulness to a larger audience…

Individuals living with a disability are welcome to adapt the challenge for their own individual circumstances, we’d love to have everyone join us. Sanghas can join together to complete the mileage if they prefer.

To apply or find out more please contact us



MINDFULNESS WALK 2nd December 2023

Join the international ‘Peace in Myself, Peace in the World’ mindfulness city walk.

Location: London and other UK cities (tbc)

The international community is coming together to share a message of peace. For the first time in the UK, we will be offering the opportunity to join this short mindfulness walk.

To apply or find out more please contact us






1st – 3rd September 2023, or other dates available in 2024

This is a fully supported challenge with food, accommodation and guiding, pickups from local train station included. Stretching 95 miles between Old Harry Rocks in Dorset, to Orcombe Point in East Devon, the Jurassic Coast – England’s first Natural World Heritage Site – is the most geologically diverse coastline in the world. With a more recent history of mining, shipwrecks and smuggling, this is a fascinating stretch of coastline. This trek takes in some of its most spectacular scenery, from the renowned natural stone archway of Durdle Door to the beautiful circular Lulworth Cove, as we continually climb and descend the steep hills of the Jurassic Coast.

Full Funded – £80 registration fee, £320 trekking fee.

Every penny of fundraising you do on top comes to Plum Village UK.

To apply or find out more please contact us or visit and mention you are supporting Plum Village UK.




19th August – 20th August 2023, other 2023 and 2024 dates also available

Fully supported with mountain leader and back up. Hot drinks before ascent and celebration breakfast at the end; some snacks on the mountain. Snowdonia National Park in North Wales is synonymous with beautiful, rugged landscapes and wonderful trekking and outdoor pursuits. The highest mountain in England and Wales at 1085m, Snowdon’s Welsh name is Yr Wyddfa, reputedly the burial place of a mythical giant. A popular summit trek by day-time, it forms a real challenge by night. The base for this challenge is a friendly hotel, which makes for a comfortable, sociable start to the challenge as we tuck into fantastic food and get to know each other. At the end, we gather back together in the warm and celebrate our overnight achievement with a tasty breakfast!

Fully Funded £49 registration fee, £175 tour cost.

Every penny of fundraising you do on top comes to Plum Village UK.

To apply or find out more please contact us


Top Tips and the nitty gritty

Most fundraising starts life with the seed of an idea. We are here to help you make the most of your fundraising so please contact us to find out more. Fundraising can feel daunting, but there are lots of ways to make it manageable and joyful. If you are stuck for ideas, but have a talent or drive to do something we can talk it through. We are planning to set up a helpline


Here are a few tips….

Tell others about your event, use email, posters, and promote on any social media channels you are on. Tag us #plumvillageuk @plumvillageuk and we may be able to share your plans.

For any fundraising posters or if you are providing information about your event please include the following: ‘In aid of Plum Village UK, registered as The Community of Interbeing UK (Charity Number 1096680)’

Set up a fundraising page on Just Giving, send the link to your friends. It’s an easy way to spread the word and enable friends to donate to your fundraiser.

If you work for a company your employer may match fund any money you raise. We can help with the paperwork if you can apply!

Don’t forget to gift aid it. If you are donating your own money and you are a taxpayer, don’t forget to gift aid it. We get an additional 25% on your donations at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Plum Village UK Being Peace Practice Centre


Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Plum Village UK Being Peace Practice Centre

Please find all needed information in the Fundraising Guide you can download below:


The centre will offer a varied calendar of events, courses, retreats, similar to those you would find in Plum Village France. We will also make the centre available for Sanghas to book for their own retreats.

Capacity will be for approximately 40 people at a time, and this could be more with camping and summer retreats.

For more information on courses and events currently offered please visit

The pandemic changed how many people practiced, people were unable to meet and travel and many gatherings were done online. Coming out of the pandemic has increased our awareness of the value of in person connection. Having a dedicated centre for the UK will create a long lasting legacy for Plum Village UK and bring mindfulness to new audiences.
In the UK since the pandemic depression rates have doubled and there is a growing mental health crisis. (The Health Foundation report May 2021). We believe now is the time for us as a community to offer Thay’s incredible teachings to a wider community.

Most people having been to a retreat couldn’t put a value on having a quiet, dedicated space with excellent teachers for spiritual growth and development. Having the opportunity to step away from the ‘everyday’ and purposely commit to practice can be truly transformative.

The ripples of the value of that practice not only affect the participant, their family but the entire community.

A dedicated Centre in the UK will open the door to retreat experiences for people who maybe due to ill-health/costs are unable to travel to Plum Village France.

By creating this centre in the UK we are reducing our CO2 footprint and helping protect the environment, a key aspect of Thay’s teaching.

Plum Village UK gives thanks to the countless time and generosity by people over many years. We have structured this into a Project Management Steering Group. These volunteers with technical skills and experience are helping to lead the project design and oversight in the areas of Property, People, Programme, Fundraising, Finance.

We are also keeping a list of over 80 people who have already offered their time and skills once we are ready to buy the centre, make improvements and running courses and retreats.

We launched our year of fundraising in March 2023 and we will be working hard to secure all the funding we need during this twelve month period.

Our experienced Being Peace Property Group are currently reviewing options available and we have narrowed our approach to properties in the Midlands or the North of England. The exact timing of us being in the position to make an offer on a property will depend on our fundraising and the loans we have been able to secure.

This depends on whether we need to refurbish, or build on an existing property or whether we could more easily adapt an already established centre. We would love to be in the position to open the doors to our new home in the UK as soon as practical. Our ideal scenario would be to start running retreats later in 2024.

We are looking at various options including a mortgage loan which could make up a fundraising shortfall. We know we can only make Thay’s dream a reality with the support of Plum Village UK. Now is the time for us to come together and create something amazing for future generations.

The Centre will be located in an area that is accessible from all parts of the UK, where properties with land can be bought at a reasonable price. It will be close enough to an urban centre for outreach work and accessible by public transport, but also located with easy access to a natural, peaceful environment. It is important to us that everyone is welcome at the Being Peace Centre regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or religious beliefs. The needs of the less able-bodied will also be a primary factor.

Everyone will be very welcome to visit for a day or longer once the centre opens and we expect to have an opening event which all donors would be invited to.

In addition, we would like to create a beautiful calligraphy ‘book of thanks’ for donors and supporters of the project who would like to be remembered in this way. The is book will remainsit in the Being Peace centre reception for all visitors to see.

Contact Us

Please use this form to contact us if you have questions, ideas for fundraising, volunteering or to discuss making a pledge or donation.

Alternatively please email


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