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Gain a grounding in mindfulness or refresh your practice with our Be Calm, Be Happy courses

Our courses introduce mindfulness and meditation practices to help us live a fuller and happier life. Mindfulness and meditation are about being fully focused on the present moment, not absorbed in regrets, plans, worries or other thoughts. When we practise mindfulness we create more stillness which allows us to see more clearly what brings us happiness and what causes suffering. With this awareness, we can make positive choices in everyday life.

Available online over six and eight weeks, on a weekend retreat and in other formats, our Be Calm, Be Happy courses are a flexible way to learn to live with more depth and freedom.

Note that all our courses operate on a Not for Profit basis. Any surplus remaining when all costs have been met is returned to the Charity to support our work in promoting the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh in the UK.

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