Why begin mindfulness?

Mindfulness can help us to wake up to our life in a steady, joyful and relaxed way. In the Plum Village tradition, we use mindfulness in every area of life, to help us understand and heal ourselves and to see the deep connectedness and reality of life. For us, mindfulness is a way of life built on ethical living, community support and wholehearted practice.

How to begin?

We can begin right now, by allowing ourselves to let go of our preoccupations and to appreciate this present moment and all its wonders. Although this sounds simple, it is not always easy. Our mind is used to being busy, daydreaming and running to the future and the past. So being patient and kind with ourselves and finding support that works for us is essential. In this way we can begin to settle our mind more and experience increased calm and happiness. A key part of our Plum Village practice is being part of a group (sangha). This is a place were we can practice together, share about our ups and downs and form spiritual friendships. Please find below some ways you can begin your journey together with us and at home in your own time.