Sylvia Clare & David Hughes

Sylvia and David between them have accrued over 78 years of personal mindfulness practice.They have both explored many forms of mindfulness and have been teaching it to groups and individuals for over twenty five years, either as a team or individually.

David remains an independent Buddhist but Sylvia has found the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh worked best of all for her needs. Sylvia is also  a writer and author of many books on personal, emotional, and spiritual development, sometimes co-authored with David.

Sylvia’s dharma name is Peaceful Garden of the Heart, which entirely suits her personality. David has not followed this path but recognises the profound wisdom in Thay’s teaching.

Sylvia has lived a life of coping with ADHD and PTSD both personally and with her sons. David has lived a life of coping with Sylvia and her sons. Mindfulness is the basis for our entire relationship as a couple and has enabled us to cope with many moments of deep grief and adversity as well as great joy.

Between us we have a rich resource of tips and support options for people with PTSD and neurodiversity issues and how mindfulness can support living well with them, both emotionally and managing symptoms.

We are both very committed to supporting this community of mindful practitioners. Titles specifically related to these courses are:

  1. the book most closely associated to the course, Living With and Loving ADHD and Neurodiversity: Clare, Sylvia, Hughes, David: 9798700623629: Books
  2. a personal memoir of growing up with ADHD and PTSD and how she healed through it, including the role Plum Village played  No Visible Injuries: Clare, Sylvia: 9798628385388: Books
  3. and a dictionary approach memoir to learning to manage emotions, much of it using mindful insights Travelling the Alphabet Emotionally: A journey through life’s ups and downs: Clare, Sylvia: 9781731266743: Books