3 Dec 2017

By Philip

Gratitude – The Present That Costs Nothing

What can you give to your family and friends that costs nothing and makes you both feel great?


By simply stopping, calming ourselves and writing a simple card thanking our loved ones for being there for us, recognising the qualities in them that we appreciate, opens up our hearts and theirs.

Reflecting on all the things we are grateful for can yes, take time, and mindfulness to recognise, but gratitude offers a gift beyond value. Instead of dwelling on what irritates us about a loved one, remember and connect with all the positive qualities they have and the wonderful memories you have shared with them.

In the Plum Village tradition, we often talk of our family and friends as beautiful flowers in the garden of humanity. We talk about keeping our ‘flowers’ watered with appreciation and gratitude.

Flower Watering is a chance to share our appreciation for other people. We may mention specific instances when they said or did something we admired. Flower Watering is an opportunity to shine light on their qualities that we appreciate.

You will know the feeling of being watered yourself, when someone has genuinely appreciated you, it generates real warmth between you.

So, this festive season take the opportunity to Water the Flowers of your friends and family, maybe by writing a card, or by simply telling them.

Pink flowers with rain drops on