10 Dec 2017

By Philip

How To Build Gratitude Into Your Routine

Many individuals, couples and families have a daily gratitude practice.

Gratitude is usually practiced in the evening as this gives you the opportunity to stop and reflect upon what you have appreciated about the day.

For adults, you can practice this in the evening, when you are beginning to settle down for the night.

It is important to do this when you are not rushing around, find somewhere comfy and quiet to sit and reflect in silence for one minute about the day and the things you are grateful for. Then you can go around and explain your ‘gratitudes’ to each other.

With younger children, this practice can be done at bedtime.

You can all sit down and reflect in silence about your ‘gratitudes’ for one minute, then each person can explain what they are grateful for that day.

You can always ask your children to draw out their ‘gratitudes’, as a way to make this activity a little more creative.