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Walking Windermere Together in Mindfulness

Join four Plum Village Monastics on an accessible walking meditation up Orrest Head.

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21 May 2023 - 21 May 2023

We welcome all locals and visitors to Windermere to join us in a mindful walking meditation up Orrest Head. Be immersed in nature, as we practise mindful walking according to the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, led by four Plum Village monastics on a teaching tour from their practice centre in SW France.

The walk begins at 10am and ends after lunch around 1 pm. We will meet at the foot of Orrest Head to begin the walk together. As we walk we will enjoy spectacular views of Windermere (accessible route for pushchairs and wheelchairs). Bring your own picnic lunch and drink to enjoy at the top of the fell for a joyful, mindful meal together.

This mindful walk is part of a weekend retreat led by four monastics over the weekend of 19-21 May 2023, in Windermere. Booking here is solely for the mindful walk on Sunday.

There are 50 tickets available for the full weekend and more details can be found here https://Mindfulness_Music_Mother_Earth.eventbrite.co.uk


The walk and mindful practices end at the top of Orrest head, please make your own way back down and allow time for this.

Orrest Head

Map to location

Orrest Head is the only accessible walk (wheelchair and pram access) up a fell in the Lake District. There has always been a tarred walkway towards the highest point, but new developments over lockdown haven meant that the pathway extends all the way up the fell. It has a spectacular view of Windermere and the lake.

Meeting point

At the foot of the fell you will find a sign that says ‘Footpath to Orrest Head’, it is across the road from the Windermere Tourist Centre, which is close to the Windermere Train Station. The sign is also next to the Windermere Hotel.

Map to location


This event is free and donation (dana) based. All contributions will be appreciated.

In the Buddhist tradition Dana or donations are a way of showing gratitude for the teachings offered freely.

In this specific case we are also fundraising both for Plum Village (read here about their construction fund https://dana.plumvillage.org/) and the Being Peace centre in the UK (https://plumvillage.uk/beingpeace/) We heartily encourage you to consider what you can afford (without depriving yourself and your family or dependents) as a donation at the end of this event.

We will be able to accept cash and have QR codes for direct card payments.

Please direct enquiries about this event to thomashemmingsclarke@gmail.com


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