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Being Peace Fundraiser Launch & Be-In

An evening of celebration, music, talks, meditations, poetry and more, launching a year of fundraising to establish the Being Peace Practice Centre

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26 Mar 2023

An evening of celebration, music, talks, meditations, poetry and more, launching a year of fundraising to establish the Being Peace Practice Centre.

Come and find out how you can be a part of this historic moment, get updates from the project steering group on the progress to find a suitable property and spend a warm and nourishing evening of joy togetherness.

Over the last few months we’ve been sending and receiving a lot of love from UK Sangha members and international friends as we’ve been sharing the news of the fundraising effort. The idea to do an evening to launch it felt like the right thing to do (any excuse for a be-in!) We have some guests, some exclusive interviews, some beautiful performances and some bespoke meditations from some acclaimed teachers!

Whether you are at home, you are traveling, making dinner, or relaxing at the end of the day… tune-in to The Being Peace Fundraiser 6.30pm-9.30pm (UK time) Sunday evening 26th March

Featuring so far, live and pre-recorded contributions from: Sr Chan Khong, Sr Chan Duc, Sr Jina, Sr True Dedication, Peggy and Larry Ward, Melissa James, Br Phap Lai, Lama Rod Owens, Phap Huu & Jo Confino, Joan Halifax, Teri West, Monica Max West, Christa Awad, Charles Eisenstein, Gabi Enache, Kaira Jewel, Krista Tipppett, Rehena Harilall, The bell hooks Center, Betsy Rose, Joe Holtaway and many more PV friends

Register to attend and to also receive the event programme before the evening.

Register for free and make a donation during the evening. You can also make a donation when getting your ticket. All donations received will go towards creating the Being Peace Practice Centre.

We encourage you to donate generously, suggested donation £20/15/10 more or less to your means.

Register here and now  🙂


 About the Being Peace Practice Centre

We have embarked on our most ambitious initiative to date; to create a pioneering centre for Thay’s practice in the UK.  Pioneering in that this will be a unique addition to the international Plum Village group of monasteries.

Our centre will be the first centre in Europe to be managed by a lay community, with a residential team living on site and practising together. Our centre will be a place of refuge; located in the countryside, with good transport links and close enough to an urban centre to be able to engage in local outreach work.

Our centre will offer a year-round programme of retreats and other events for individuals, couples, families and groups, to experience practising mindfulness together, fostering a deep sense of connection with one another in living and working as a community, and enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in a natural environment.

Our steering group are actively looking at properties with enough land and potential for development to be able to accommodate large groups and families, and to include a ‘Happy Farm’ on the lines of Plum Village, France. Our centre already has a name; ‘Being Peace’, given to us by Thich Nhat Hanh himself when he expressed a need for a practice centre in the UK.  That was in 1997, and our community is now grown in size, skills and experience enough to be able to fulfil that vision, with your help.

How to attend

Please register for a free / by donation ticket via Eventbrite.

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