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The Online Dharma Dog Show (A World’s First!)

Join us for an evening of celebrating our four-footed friends. Non-judgement will be practised. All dogs will receive a dharma name, a certificate to celebrate receiving the Four-Paw Mindfulness Trainings. You do not need to have a dog in order to attend.

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29 Jul 2023 - 29 Jul 2023

Free – £20

Dharma Dog Show – Being Peace Fundraiser

How can having a dog as a life-partner inspire and nourish the practice of mindfulness?

Practitioners and students of mindfulness as taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh who live with canine companions will share the joys and insights that such a relationship brings in what must be the world’s first dog show that involves no judgement; only appreciation for their many different shapes and sizes, skills and personalities, and the teachings that they offer in compassionate, mindful living.

Audience Registration

You do not need to live with a dog or any other animal to gain insights into the Dharma by joining this unique event, offered as a fun-with-fundraising evening to support the Being Peace Practice Centre project, and to deepen the practice of mindful connection with all beings.

Suggested donation £5, 10, 20 or more.

Dog registration (Sold Out)

We now have our full quota of 30 dogs. However, please join as an audience member, and/or add your dog to our waiting list. If we have a long enough waiting list and high enough audience members for this year’s event we will stage a similar event next year, and those on the waiting list will have the advantage of being able to register their place before bookings open.



How to attend

To join as an audience member
Suggested donation £5, £10, £20 or more

Dog registration (almost sold out)
For you and your dog to take part in the show:
Suggested donation £20

For questions, please email ddshow@plumvillage.uk


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