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Morning of Mindfulness: Understanding is Love

A morning that will include Sitting Meditation, a short Dharma Talk by Thay, Dharma Sharing groups, and a small pilot for offering one-to-one discussions with an experienced practitioner.

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4 Jul 2021 - 4 Jul 2021

Zoom – online conference application


Our Mindful Morning this month will include sitting meditation, a dharma talk by Thay, dharma sharing in small groups and the opportunity for a one-to-one discussion with an experienced practitioner.  Requests for such discussions were expressed by more than half of the respondents to our recent questionnaire, and are often a popular ingredient of in-person retreats.

This is a small pilot for one-to-one discussions.  We have gathered a diverse panel, of 10 long-term practitioners, to offer 25 minute sessions during the dharma-sharing time of the morning.

If you would like a one-to-one discussion please join us online at 9am and type your name, and a little information about yourself and your topic, into the Zoom Chat.

We will allocate a member of the panel to talk with you later in the morning.

The 20 available spaces will be allocated to the first 20 applicants on the Mindful Morning, from 9am.

We are considering offering further one-to-one discussion opportunities in the future.

How to attend

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