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Clown and the Art of Mindfulness

A special ‘taster’ day in clowning and mindfulness

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26 Feb 2022 - 26 Feb 2022

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Clown and the Art of Mindfulness

10 am to 4.45 pm Saturday 26th February

Facilitators: Teri West UK Dharma Teacher and Nose to Nose Facilitator and Laughter Leader Carol Thompson

A day to discover how the two paths; of improvised clowning and mindfulness practice can both nourish and inspire each other.

The clown that exists inside all of us is not the clown of the circus ring, nor the balloon modeller at a children’s party. This clown is that unique, free, spontaneous part of every human being that meets life’s situations without judgement or thought of getting anything ‘right’. This clown lives in the here and now, full of wonder and naivety.

And . . . at the heart of every clown is Love.

This online day can only be a very small taste of the residential short courses in combining the two practices that Teri has run with Carol in the UK and Catherine Bryden at the EIAB in Germany.

The day will be light-hearted, relaxed and playful, including interactive, short ‘games’ to play in pairs or small groups, times for reflection and stillness, and optional extras: early morning sitting, and a mindful lunch.

How to attend

Places are limited to 8, with a sliding scale of tickets via Eventbrite. Please note that we cannot offer refunds, unless under extreme circumstances. 

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