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Be Calm, Be Happy: a course in mindfulness – Dingwall

Be Calm, Be Happy provides an introduction to mindfulness and meditation and key teachings on positive happy living in six classes, delivered over three days with fortnightly intervals.

key info

23 Feb 2019 - 23 Mar 2019

Dingwall Community Centre, Dingwall, IV15 9JZ

£30 – £160

Course overview

Be Calm, Be Happy Dingwall is a group course teaching mindfulness meditation, in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, as an effective counter-balance to the stresses of life and as an opportunity to become happier. The course offers six classes over three days, with fortnightly intervals. Each class includes guided mindfulness exercises and meditations, group discussions and practical exercises led by experienced facilitators in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Course content

Session 1: Stopping and calming
Session 2: Turning to the positive
Session 3: Loving communication
Session 4: Nourishing happiness
Session 5: Interdependence and community
Session 6: Guidelines for a happier life

Reported benefits

Increased enjoyment of life
Increased ability to be calm and relaxed
Increased control of emotions such as anger and anxiety
Improved sleep quality
Fewer feelings of anxiety and depression

Who can attend

This course is suitable for beginners, as well as those wishing to refresh their mindfulness practice. It is suitable for those of all faiths and none. Our course participants come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many of our participants are keen to learn new ways to look after their own well being and to identify positive responses to challenging situations.

Proposed commitment

Participants will gain most from this course if they are able to attend all the classes and to do the suggested homework and home practice in between. Creating a stable and strong practice of mindfulness is a habit that needs regular, ideally daily, practice. If you know ahead of time that you cannot make a session then please discuss with your course leader so that you can understand the content of the missed session. If you have to miss a session at short notice please arrive early for the next session so that you can speak to the Course Leader ahead of time.

Course schedule

This course is taught over 6 two-hour classes:  10-12am and 2-4pm on Saturdays 23rd February, 9th and 23rd March 2019.

The Centre will be open between 12 noon and 2pm, if you wish to bring a packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be available. There are also several cafes offering lunch in Dingwall.

Please make sure you are able to attend each week. We recommend that you aim to arrive 10 minutes before each class is due to start (i.e., by 9.50am).

Course leaders

John Wood

John has been actively practising meditation for 12 years, and mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition for ten. He currently facilitates the Wester Ross Mindfulness Group (Poolewe Sangha) in the NW Highlands. He has been a member of the Order of Interbeing for six years and currently serves as Treasurer on its UK Council. He has seen mindfulness practice transform people’s lives, including his own, and is keen to offer this possibility to others. ‘It is a practice, not a religion.’

Maggie Dove

After attending a secular Mindfulness group Maggie was introduced to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh in 2010. She found that these teachings enable her to understand better the human condition and live a happier and more fulfilling life. The simple practice of trying to live “now “ rather than worrying about yesterday or tomorrow has become central to her life. She has found the practice particularly transformative during difficult times. Maggie practices with Cromarty sangha and sometimes with Northern Lights sangha in Findhorn. She facilitates regularly.

How to attend

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